Tyler Joe Pickups

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Do you coil tap?
Do you coil split?
Do you want huge, detailed tone from your pickups?

KVG’s Tyler Joe™ Humbuckers were made for you!

Check it out — you can use a matched set of two Tyler Joe™s so you can run both in single-coil mode and they’ll buck the hum without losing the brightness and detail of two single coils switched together, with one single coil reverse-wound/reverse-polarity. How cool is that?

Or, try loading up a Strat with three Tyler Joe™s and have any combination of single coil and humbucker sounds at a flip of a switch. Tones to infinity at your fingertips. Mellow jazz to all-out thrash metal, and everything in between.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. These aren’t attempts to outdo the 1950s with a 1950s style pickup that’s more 1950s than pickups made in the 1950s! Everybody’s making vintage style pickups, and we’re happy to recommend a good one to you if that’s your thing.

Tyler Joe™ is into new tones. Not the same old same old. The other guys do that, but not Tyler Joe™. Oh, another thing: Tyler Joe™ is a bit of a perfectionist too.

Each pickup is hand made when Tyler Joe™ is in a creative mood, not when an arbitrary production deadline is due. That means a limited run, but oh what a run! You’ll need a mop to wipe up the tone dripping on the floor afterwards.

By the way, Tyler Joe™ takes requests. Nothing is more fun than creating a unique, one-off pickup that sounds like no other.
So what’s Tyler Joe™’s secret? A unique mix of different magnetic materials, a combo of machine wound and scatter wound coils — chosen to balance the effect of the magnets by optimizing reactance — plus the Tone Plate.

What’s a Tone Plate™?

Well, it modifies the pickup’s magnetic circuit, giving you huge tone, incredible note detail and strong bass with no loss of brightness.

Tyler Joe™ pickups come in many variations:
Standard Humbucker size
  • Mini Humbucker size
  • P-90 size
  • Single Coil size.
  • P-Bass split
  • Jazz Bass single-coil size.

Many looks are available too:
  • Black open face
  • White open face
  • Zebra open face
  • Cream open face
  • Chrome/nickel cover, closed
  • Chrome/nickel cover, exposed pole pieces
  • Black cover, closed
  • Black cover, exposed pole pieces
  • Gold cover, closed
  • Gold cover, exposed pole pieces
  • Chrome Gretsch Filtertron style
  • Black Gretsch Filtertron style
  • Gold Gretsch Filtertron style
  • Chrome/Nickel gold foil style
  • Black gold foil style
  • Hex pole pieces
  • Slugs-n-screws
  • Rail pole pieces
  • Big Pole

Finally, many different temperature levels are available:
  • Absolute Zero — 300 Ohms microphone level!
  • Iceberg - 4K per coil/8K total
  • Cool - 5K per coil/10k total
  • Hot - 6K per coil/12k total
  • Blowtorch - 7K per coil/14k total
  • Flamethrower - 8K per coil/16k total
  • Blast Furnace - 10K per coil/20k total